All large meals are $13 – 2 serves protein, 2 serves of carbs & veg. All small meals are $11 – 1 serve protein, 1 serve of carbs & veg. Macronutrient profiles are listed below each meal. Each meal is designed and prepared by our nutritionist and is made fresh to order in our commercial kitchen. We offer free pick-up services twice a week. We deliver around the Perth metropolitan area. Prices may vary subject to location. See our delivery area on the FAQ page. 

All meals are gluten and refined sugar free.


Turkey Bolognese with Brown Rice

Small w Rice: P-24.68 C-34.1 F-12.3 Cal-350. – $12

Large w Rice: P-36.32 C-46.5 F-18 Cal-501. – $14

Green Chicken Curry with Chickpeas and Mixed Veg

Small: P-25.5 C-19.8 F-17.2 Cal-350 – $12

Large: P-38.25 C-29.7 F-25.8 Cal-525 – $14

Baked Lamb Meatball with Roast Pumpkin and Broccoli

Small: P-26 C-7.14 F-7.43 Cal-215 – $12

Large: P-48 C-13.92 F14.59 Cal-402 – $14

Cauliflower Fried Rice – (Ve)

Small: P-6.46 C-7.69 F-9.16 Cal-138.17 – $12

Large: P-9.67 C-11.53 F-13.74 Cal-207.26 – $14

Turkey Bolognese with Zucchini Pasta

Small w Pasta: P-22.32 C-9.88 F-10.29 Cal-212. – $12

Large w Pasta: P-32.96 C-13.7 F-15.2 Cal-317. – $14

Grilled Chicken & Coriander Burger with Roast Sweet Potato and Roast Garlic Mushrooms

Small: P-23.55 C-14.8 F-6.39 Cal-254 – $12

Large: P-44.85 C-28.4 F-12.6 Cal-483 – $14

Slow Cooked Spicy Mexican Beef with Brown Rice and Beans

Small: P-30.49 C-34.7 F-3.85 Cal-337 – $12

Large: P-60.23 C-68.3 F-7.6 Cal-660 – $14

Beef & Mushroom Stew with Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Mash

Small: P-26.5 C-16.37 F-4.4 Cal-222.7 – $12

Large: P-52 C-26.1 F-8.7 Cal-441.8 – $14

Healthy Flourless Choc-Banana-Berry Pancakes

Large: P-36.5 C-32.3 F-23.58 Cal-498 – $14

Roast Vege Lasagne (Pumpkin, Zucchini, Eggplant – pasta free!) with Ricotta and Roast Tomato Sauce – (V)

Small: P-30.49 C-34.7 F-3.85 Cal-337 – $12

Large: P-60.23 C-68.3 F-7.6 Cal-660 – $14


Vegetarian Frittata – (V)

$8 for 1. $15 for 2. 

Per frittata: P-15.8 C-3.6 F-12.74 Cal-194.2 


Cacao, Banana & Coconut Bread

Contains dairy $3 P/Slice or $12 a loaf.

Loaf Macros: P-73.99 C-140.97 F-35.66 Cal-1231.36 (7 slices per loaf)

Chia Pods

$5 a Pod.

– Mixed Berry with Granola *contains nuts.

P-2.66 C-6.97 F-13.29 Cal-159.01

– Pineapple & Lime

P-1.8 C-4.09 F9.5 Cal-113.9

– Cacao & Coconut

P-3.24 C-3.82 F-17.5 Cal-191.3


Raw Vegan Caramel Slice – (Ve)

Dairy free $5 P/Slice.

P-2.8 C-13 F-8.9 Cal-136

Chocolate-Protein Nut & Seed Slice

Dairy free $5 P/Slice.

P-6.5 C-11.6 F-24.7 Cal-258.5

Decadent Chocolate Fudge

Dairy free $5 P/Slice.

P-4 C-10.4 F-13.4 Cal-175

(V) – Vegetarian

(Ve) – Vegan

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