Jasmine Segler | Nutritionist, Owner, Chef, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hi I’m Jaz, over the last 14+ years of living a fast paced life I’ve come to know just how hard it is to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle when you’re on the go.

I am a business owner in the health and fitness industry, with qualifications in nutrition, strength and conditioning. Let me take this back to where it all began when my good friend (who is a personal trainer) told me he was just too busy to cook and was finding himself spending an extreme amount of money whilst eating on the go (more than I would spend in a week)!

I had been thinking about starting a healthy food business for some time and so I suggested to him that I could cook healthy meals for him that meet the high standards of quality and dietary requirements of an active eater.

From there, Active Eating was born.

If you’re a serial food court person who ends up spending $10 on sushi and are hungry 30 minutes later like me or you’re over sandwiches that are more bread than meat and salad or just salad in general we’ve got you covered there too. Active eating meals can be eaten at any time of the day and come in a range of proteins and we even have those on meatless diets covered.

You no longer need to worry about late night cooking or waiting in the never ending lines at your local supermarket to be told there is an “unexpected item in the bagging area” no more overpriced or stale takeaway foods because you had a shocking day. No more hunting down random smells in your fridge because the produce you bought hasn’t been cooked due to that hectic lifestyle you live! With 6 different mains that are interchangeable, we’ve got you covered for everyday of the week.

Active Eating is exactly what the bi-line says ‘healthy, nutritious and balanced meals for people on the go’. All produce is bought fresh and local, all sauces and marinades are home made so there is no added sugar, salt or nasties in anything produced; all food is made fresh and frozen on the day. Everything is calorie and macro counted and personally tailored food plans can be designed on request. We have a range of meals and snacks that come in two sizes. All meals come vac sealed fresh and will last for 10 day(If you don’t eat them all before then!)