Where do you deliver? 

I deliver anywhere and everywhere. But as a rough guide we are currently delivering as far north as Geraldton, as far east as Kalamunda and as south as Halls Head. If you are not in this zone, please send us an email and register your interest and when we have enough people interested we will be able to extend our services.

Our Kitchen

The commercial grade kitchen where our meals are prepared fresh, daily.

What times do you deliver? 

Your food will be delivered on a Saturday unless you live in Geraldton, in which case it will be Tuesday. It will come in a sealed cold box with dry ice packs, so it will be safe outside your house for the day. If you have any specific drop instructions, you will need to list them in the space provided on the checkout form.

When will I recieve confirmation of my order? 

You will receive confirmation within a few hours/at the close of business for that day at the latest.

What if I have allergies? 

All food is gluten and refined sugar free from the get go, however if you have specific dietary requirements just let me know and I can either let you know what menu meals you can eat or we can discuss making you some custom meals that suit your dietary needs.

Is it possible to get a tailored meal plan? 

Yes it is. I have several clients who are regular competitors and therefore need to hit specific macros on a daily basis. If you come with your meal plan already I provide a free quote. If you just come with macros there is a small 1 off meal plan construction fee and after that all small changes you may need are complimentary.  


My checkout isn’t working, how can I fix this?

If your checkout isn’t working we suggest trying your order on a different browser such as Chrome or Safari. You could also clear all browsing history and caches along with refreshing the page.

My postcode isn’t showing in the checkout, how can I fix this?

Similar to the above, if your postcode isn’t showing up in the checkout and you are within our delivery areas we suggest trying your order in a different browser such as Chrome or Safari. You could also clear all browsing history and caches along with refreshing the page.