Where do you deliver? 

I deliver anywhere and everywhere. Amount of food that is needed to be purchased is subject to location, however I am yet to have to charge anyone for delivery! If you are after a delivery to a far north or south area please let me know and I will let you know what days I service those areas.

Our Kitchen

The commercial grade kitchen where our meals are prepared fresh, daily.

What times do you deliver? 

I am generally fairly flexible with delivery times and can deliver to both homes and offices, whichever suits better. 

When will I recieve confirmation of my order? 

You will receive confirmation within a few hours/at the close of business for that day at the latest.

What if I have allergies? 

All food is gluten and refined sugar free from the get go, however if you have specific dietary requirements just let me know and I can either let you know what menu meals you can eat or we can discuss making you some custom meals that suit your dietary needs.

Is it possible to get a tailored meal plan? 

Yes it is. I have several clients who are regular competitors and therefore need to hit specific macros on a daily basis. If you come with your meal plan already I provide a free quote. If you just come with macros there is a small 1 off meal plan construction fee and after that all small changes you may need are complimentary.